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Happy Anniversary! We're Turning 3 this Summer!

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

It’s no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic has been especially hard on small businesses. That’s why back when all this started, we vowed to support our clients in any way we could. And we have fulfilled this vow by being flexible, easy to reach, and proactive.

We did all this because we genuinely care about our clients and want small businesses to thrive in our communities. We’re happy to report our clients were able to stay afloat during the shutdowns, and we hope our efforts contributed to helping their businesses in some way.

Milestone & Achievements

When it comes to marking down the main events, we have been able to achieve a few greats. Ones that not only speak for themselves but are a direct assurance of our mission statement.

600K+ Returns

One of our biggest achievements was to successfully process more than 600K returns all around the world, in under 36 months. Helping both merchants and customers to obtain a seamless return experience is what keeps us going!

60K+ Returns Per Month

With an average of 60K+ returns every month in 2022, we‘re able to achieve a 300% YoY growth. Making us a powerful force for merchants to focus on their retail business.

100+ Returns Per Merchant

On average, each merchant processes more than 100+ returns per month, and their return tasks are managed and processed in an effective and efficient manner. We make sure no time is wasted in logging a return, and every work day ends with no pending tasks.

Return Percentage Reference Data

Online shopping has changed the world, meaning we purchase almost everything online. Our data showed some categories have the highest return rates. For instance, there is a 40% return on clothing, shoes, and accessories. A 25% return on electronics and accessories, and a 35% return on the remaining items you can purchase online.

Recycled & Environmentally Friendly

Looking to create an environmentally friendly world more than 10% of our returns are recycled locally. Keeping in mind that every single piece processed is recycled in a usable and environmentally friendly way. As the number of returns is growing, we are focusing more on achieving eco-friendly methods.

Growing Asian Merchant Base

Offering a firm grasp on orders we ensured that our Asian merchants were able to take on 200,000+ returns locally in the AU/EU/US markets

Here’s to Many More Years of Excellent Services

In 2022, our overseas warehouses have spread across 13 countries covering a large area that carefully and safely ensures your return. Trusted by over 1,000 merchants, we guarantee to provide effective and efficient services to help merchants contain their overall cost while making sure the process is smooth and painless for customers.

If you need a dedicated team to simplify your eCommerce returns, wait no more and let us know. As always, we are excited about the future of our company. We love helping our current clients grow and can’t wait to build new relationships with more hard-working business owners!

Want to lear more about our services? Book a free consultation today!

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