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Everything you need for the best returns experience

Make returns simple with a branded interactive return page or a simplified FBA return process. Reduce costs and recapture revenue.

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eCommerce Returns

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Resend /Recall /Disposal & more

You may choose the best way to handle all your returns with Return Helper, such as resend, recall, disposal, recycle, bulk return, re-commerce, or more!

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Photo Taking & Product Inspection

We’ll take photos of all returned items and upload product status within 24 hrs. Whether it’s damaged, broken seals, a mismatch in product SKU, or other details are verified at the time of receiving.

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Warehouse Recieving


We have international warehouses in 14+ countries so buyers can return locally. We aim to keep your inventory costs low while improving transit times and lowering shipping costs.

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Prepaid Label & Reverse Logistics

Customers can easily initiate a return and receive a return label via email with instructions to drop off or ship their returns. We support both local and international carriers.

Buyer Returns

FBA Removal

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Warehouse Recieving

Create a removal order from the FBA warehouse and ship your products to the nearest Return Helper warehouse location in over 14 countries. Within 48 hours of the delivery, Return Helper will upload the FNSKU and quantities, and you will receive a notification email and log in to the user portal at any time to view detailed information.

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Relabel / Repack

After the FBA returns arrived at the warehouse, you can choose to relabel your products for a new SKU; or repack the returned products with a variety of packaging materials to meet your needs.

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Resend /Recall /Disposal & more

Deliver to Amazon Warehouse

Once packages are relabelled or repackaged you may choose to resell or we can help you send it to a designated buyer; You may also recall your goods to Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, etc.; Or opt to recycle the products locally.

Once packages are relabelled or repacked, we can help you deliver them back to Amazon’s warehouse.

FBA Returns

Start providing a seamless return experience today!

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