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Streamline Global Operations: Your One-Stop Service for Cross-border E-commerce

Drive cross-border success with our all-in-one software and support. From customs clearance and last-mile delivery to reverse logistics, Return Helper ensures a seamless and efficient experience for businesses of all sizes.

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One-Stop Service & Solution

International Shipping - Warehousing - Return Management

Step 1

Export Customs Clearance

Navigating through export customs processes can be intricate. Our experts ensure a hassle-free experience by managing all necessary documentation and compliance, ensuring your shipments move swiftly across borders.

Export Customs Clearance
Cross-border Shipping _ Freight Shipping Service

Step 2

Cross-border Shipping / Freight Shipping Service

Expand your global reach effortlessly with our reliable Cross-border Shipping services. Partnering with 30+ logistics companies worldwide, we guarantee efficient and timely deliveries, optimizing the cross-border movement of your goods.

Step 3

Import Customs Clearance

Expedite the customs clearance process for your imported goods with our efficient Import Customs Clearance services. We manage paperwork, tariffs, and compliance, ensuring a seamless entry for your products.

Import Customs Clearance_
Warehousing & Distribution

Step 4

Warehousing & Distribution

Optimize your inventory management with our Local Warehouses in 13+ countries. Our strategic locations facilitate efficient storage, distribution, order fulfillment, and picking and packing services.

Step 5

Last-mile Shipping

Enhance customer satisfaction with our specialized Last-mile Shipping services. We focus on the final leg of the delivery journey, ensuring timely and reliable delivery to customers' doorsteps.

Last-mile shipping
Return Collection & Custom Handling_

Step 6

Return Collection & Custom Handling

Simplify eCommerce returns and RMA management with our comprehensive service. From international returns collection to tailored handling, including relabeling, repacking, return grading, inspection, and more, we streamline the entire process for your convenience.

eCommerce Return

FBA Removal

Step 9

Photo Taking & Product Inspection

We will capture images of all returned items and update the product status within 24 hours. Whether it involves damage, broken seals, a product SKU mismatch, or other details, verification occurs at the time of receiving.


Step 10

Resend /Recall /Disposal & more

Whether driven by customer preferences or inventory requirements, Return Helper ensures a smooth and straightforward process. Easily resend orders, recall items, recycle goods, initiate bulk returns, exchange and more effortlessly!


Step 8

Warehouse Receiving

With warehouses spanning across 13+ countries, our international presence allows buyers to conveniently return items locally. We aim to minimize your inventory costs, enhance transit times, and offer a cost-effective solution.

still-life-supply-chain-representation (2).jpg

Step 7

Prepaid Label & Reverse Logistics

In RMA management, Return Helper initiates an easy return for customers, receiving a return label via email and instructions for either dropping off or shipping their returns. Reverse logistics extends to both local and international carriers.

eCommerce Returns

Step 9

Resend /Recall /Disposal & more

Upon relabeling or repackaging your packages, you have the option to either proceed with resale, enlist our assistance in sending them to a designated buyer, initiate a bulk recall to your location, or choose to recycle the products locally.


Step 10

Deliver to Amazon Warehouse

Following the relabeling or repacking of packages, Return Helper is available to transport the selected items back to Amazon's warehouse.


Step 8

Relabel / Repack

Upon the arrival of FBA returns at the warehouse, you have the option to either apply new SKUs by relabeling your products or utilize a range of packaging materials to repack the returned items, tailored to your specific requirements.


Step 7

Warehouse Receiving

Initiate a removal order from the FBA warehouse and send your products to the nearest Return Helper warehouse in over 14 countries. Within 48 hours of delivery, updated FNSKU and quantities will be sent. You'll receive a notification email and log into the user portal at your convenience to access detailed information.

FBA Removal

Step 11


Optimize your inventory with our Liquidation services. Clear excess stock strategically to save on storage fees, generate instant cash flow, and avoid obsolescence. Perfect for recovering value from surplus or discontinued items.

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Explore our comprehensive suite of services, designed to meet the demands of cross-border e-commerce

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