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Return Helper is a data-driven company that specializes in helping cross-border e-commerce sellers from Asia to ease the difficulties of cross-border returns. We have warehouses in more than 10 countries or regions including the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, Spain, France, and Italy. With more than 10 years of cross-border e-commerce service experience, Return Helper understand the pain points of handling returns and help sellers effectively save more costs.

First of all, Return Helper is a professional service provider that provides return operations, which solves the problem that the shipping warehouse used by the seller does not accept returns. At the same time, in the seven major eBay sites, the United States/United Kingdom/Germany/Australia/France/Spain/Italy, Return Helper has a return center, sellers do not need to dock with service providers in multiple countries to enjoy a unified return service Experience. More importantly, Return Helper has strict timeliness standards for the return operation. The return will be processed, photographed and uploaded to the system within 1 working day after it is delivered to the warehouse.

This satisfies eBay's policy requirements, and sellers no longer worry about the delay in handling the warehouse in the past. In addition, after the seller authorizes the eBay account to the Return Helper system, the seller does not need to manually create the return order information, and the system will automatically synchronize.

In addition, Return Helper also supports any sales platform, especially Amazon. Sellers can deal with FBA return related requirements in the system, such as rebranding and resending to a new FBA warehouse or other processing, which is convenient for sellers to use every time. FBA returns.

At present, Return Helper processes up to 1,000 return packages per day around the world. From high value electronic products, watches and large furniture to small accessories and jewellery, Return Helper provides eCommerce sellers with the right services at the best price, allowing the sellers to use the least resources to find the best next home for their eCommerce return.