Return Helper was founded in Hong Kong in 2018. With more than 10 years of experience in cross-border e-commerce services, we can better understand the pain points of dealing with international returns as a seller.

We are committed to assisting e-commerce sellers in Asia with cross-border return solutions. Our overseas warehouses are set up in more than 10 countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, France, etc. Return Helper assists cross-border sellers by offering a comprehensive overseas warehouse system. It allows docking logistics carriers from around the world and effectively reduces the operating costs of cross-border forward/reverse supply chains. Sellers can enjoy an integrated return service experience without having to deal with service providers in multiple countries.

Start small, grow Big


  • Become the official partner of the British e-commerce platform OnBuy. 

  • Winner of the HKDC Entrepreneurship Start-up Express Masters League


  • Winner of the Startup Express of the HKTDC. 

  • Return Helper has been elected to enter the Hong Kong Science Park Leap Project. 

  • Become the official recommendation service of Amazon SPN, with more than 700 customers.


Become the sole partner of eBay in handling e-commerce returns in Greater China, serving more than 200 paying merchants.


Return Helper is established in Hong Kong, and a branch is established in Taiwan in the same year.

Our software solution and streamline support simplify the reverse logistics of cross-border ecommerce and the after-sales experience of consumers.

As the official service provider of Amazon and other platforms, our return management system provides an easy connection between major e-commerce platforms and websites. It allows sellers to manage cross-border returns from all platforms in one place and offers a one-stop service for subsequent return process handling. Our store users range from sellers of household goods, apparel and footwear, auto accessories, to high-unit-price electronic products. To date, Return Helper has successfully assisted more than 1000 stores from different platforms and online stores to accelerate the cross-border return process and save transportation and handling costs.

  • After receiving a return request from an overseas buyer, the seller can enter the buyer’s address on the management system to create a return label, then download and send it to the buyer immediately. We provide service from many logistics carriers such as FedEx, UPS, DHL, Colissimo, Royal Mail, PDP, etc. Through competitive delivery prices, we ensure that both buyers and sellers can both reduce logistics costs.

  • After the buyer’s return arrives at our overseas warehouse, we will unpack the return package, check the products inside, and present all the items, so that the seller can make accurate judgments to reduce the risk of devaluation of the return and the seller can log in to the system within 24 hours to view. For FBA returns, FNSKU can be viewed on the system within 48 hours after arriving at the warehouse.

Lastly, whether it be re-labeling, packaging, re-entering FBA, batch recalls, recycling, or resell, we will handle the returns in the most suitable way.


Return Helper's solution provides cross-border sellers with better flexibility and efficiency and improves the flexibility of grasping and processing real-time information about overseas returns. We allow sellers to save costs and increase profit opportunities.

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Return Helper has successfully assisted more than 1000 merchants from different platforms and online stores to accelerate the cross-border return process and save logistic and handling costs.

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