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Amazon FBA Removal, Relabel Service

Recover losses from returns to increase your FBA value

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Why sellers need to remove their inventory from Amazon FBA?

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Slow-moving stock

Having slow-moving stock in FBA that you’d like to remove out of your inventory to open up space for new products

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Products defective

Amazon’s receiving team seems to take customer return reasons at face value, and that’s how you end up with perfectly good items marked “defective”

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Against Amazon Policy

You’ve been informed that you need a package label that comply with Amazon’s policy

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Expensive FBA storage fees

FBA long-term storage fees can eat away your profits

Why Return Helper ?

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1. We’re an official partner of Amazon’s Solution Provider Network (SPN). We are familiar with the removal process and policy of Amazon FBA

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2. We take complete care of all your return matters. Including inventory inspection, relabeling, re-shipping to Amazon, bulk return and more!

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3. We offer a network of 15+ overseas warehouses enabling your customers to return to their home country and keeping logistics cost low for you and your customers.

Effortlessly expand your Amazon business globally and prioritize business growth while we handle the aftermath.

Non compliant labels.

Quantity limits due to low IPI scores.

Unfulfillable or excess inventory.


High long-term storage fees.

Amazon FBA* sellers' pain points:

(*Fulfillment by Amazon)

Need for local return address.

Expensive and slow cross-border shipping.


Risk of return fraud.

Amazon FBM* sellers' pain points:

(*Fulfillment by Merchant)

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FBA Removal / Relabel Service

We can assist you in removing your inventory from FBA Center, relabel quickly, and bring it back into stock.

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FBA Replenishment

When FBA inventory is running low, you can quickly replenish your stocks from RH’s overseas warehouses to avoid missing out on peak season sales opportunities.

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Check your Unfulfillable Inventory

We help to re-validate unfulfillable items to improve the chances of re-selling returned merchandise, increase revenue and reduce losses.

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Your products can be shipped to any destination, providing consumers with a faster and more convenient experience.

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Prepaid Labels

With up to 30+ logistics connections, you can create shipping labels for your customers on your system, speeding up the return process and improving customer satisfaction.

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Returns Management

As a service provider for the Amazon Return Provider Program, we provide local return addresses and reverse logistics. You can receive product status in the user portal within 24 hours after the product arrives in the warehouse.

How it works 


Register with Return Helper for a USA/UK/AU/FR/DE/IT/JP/SG warehouse address

Create a removal order in Seller Central - Select the inventory to be removed, enter your unique address at Return Helper and confirm the order.


Amazon will deliver your inventory. Each parcel or pallet received will trigger an alert that will be immediately emailed to you at the time it is scanned into your inventory.


After all FBA inventory is received, login to your management platform and select your desired handling methods as below

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A. Inspect 

Inspect for shipping damage or fraud.

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B. Relabel

Help relabel damaged barcodes or labels. 

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C. Repack

Provide a variety of packaging materials to meet your needs for fragile items.

And choose your final step!

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Re-ship to FBA

You can choose to resend the returned goods to the designated FBA warehouse, we also provide return labels with favorable prices.​​

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Bulk recall

You can recall your goods to Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, etc.

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Send to a different buyer

You can choose to resell on the platform, and we can help you send it to the designated buyer.

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We use environmentally friendly methods to discard unwanted items.

Process your Amazon FBA Unfulfillable Products efficiently

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