About us

Return Helper is an one stop platform which enables cross border online sellers to manage returned item efficiently. From prepaid label, overseas return address to cross border logistic, Return Helper gets you covered.

Work flow

Submit buyer

return detail

Email prepaid label

to Buyer

Buyer drop-off/

Courier pick up

Returned parcel arrives our warehouse

Recall/ Dispose/ Resend

Our carriers 

Collection points

We provide prepaid return label and return address at competitive rate in the US,UK,Australia and Europe. Our one stop platform enables you to manage your cross border return and handle resend or repair efficiently and effectively. 

Why choose us

Save Money

More Revenue

Less Customs Issues

Higher Customer Satisfaction


When do we find our returned item record on the portal?

What can you do with our returned parcels?

How long can we keep the returned parcels in the warehouse?

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