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  • Does Return Helper only handle returns?
    The service includes both outbound product shipping and reverse logistics for returns.
  • What is the greatest advantage of Return Helper?
    With over ten years of experience in cross-border e-commerce, we identified return management as a major pain point for sellers. To address this, we integrated 30+ logistics partners and established warehouses in 13 overseas countries, offering competitive shipping rate and comprehensive global return management. Upon registration, you gain access to all warehouses and logistics services across 13 countries, allowing you to easily expand cross-border sales while we handle the complexities.
  • What does the Return Helper return service include, and what can the system help with?
    Sellers can manage returns through the system, including checking product status, inspection, photo documentation, repackaging, relabeling, classification verification, returning to platforms like Amazon, local waste disposal, or routing back to other overseas warehouses for resale.
  • Isn’t it possible to return goods with Amazon FBA’s return service? What is the difference between the FBA return service provided by Return Helper?
    Amazon's return packages, once unpacked, cannot be resold in FBA warehouses. Return Helper assists FBA sellers in moving inventory to the nearest overseas warehouse, offering repackaging/labeling services. Sellers can decide on re-shelving on Amazon or choose from various custom processing methods, such as resale, sending to designated buyers, bulk recall, or local recycling.
  • How does FBM work?
    Simply change the address on Amazon to our return warehouse! After returning to our warehouse, you can choose the service you need!
  • What is Return Helper warehouse charged based on?
    There are three basic fees: warehouse entry, storage, and exit fees.
  • Do I need to pay customs fees?
    When engaging in international logistics, there is a possibility of incurring import duties. Import duties are to be borne by the consignee, and if RH is required to pay the duties on behalf of the consignee, an additional 20% service fee will apply. The presence and amount of import duties vary from country to country due to factors such as the nature of the items, their country of origin, declared value, and quantity. Through international logistics arranged by RH, we will facilitate customs clearance using the invoice provided by you. Some customers may mark returns or declare lower values on the invoice to reduce the potential import duties.
  • How is the labeling service charged?
    Labeling or tearing costs $1 per piece; relabeling costs $0.6 per piece; removing the original label and applying a new one costs $1 per piece.
  • How much return volume is usually recommended for the use of the Return Helper service?
    There is no minimum usage threshold, and the global warehouse is consistent. All countries can enjoy the same price service with the same account and system.Even with just one return, it can be processed as long as there is a balance in the system, with no expiration date!
  • How are the remaining stored value funds handled if I don’t use Return Helper service?
    Upon discontinuation of the service, initiating the account cancellation process allows for a refund after deducting a 5% bank handling fee, 30 days after confirming account payment completion and goods processing in 13 countries.
  • What is the next step to start using Return Helper's service?
    After signing the contract, our pay-as-you-go payment model requires an initial deposit of $500. Your account can be activated within half an hour, granting access to all our platform services and those in 13 overseas countries!
  • What kind of products would you recommend using the Return Helper return service for?
    Typically, products valued under $30 USD may not be cost-effective, but exceptions exist. We recommend scheduling a consultation with our specialist for tailored advice based on your product return situation.
  • Are there any restrictions on the return items?
    Item identification follows Amazon's regulations. Penalties apply for prohibited items, and controlled items like batteries or power supplies require confirmation with the Return Helper team.
  • Could food products also be able to returned using Return Helper service?
    Yes, we have relevant customer cases. We recommend scheduling a consultation with a specialist for details and tailored advice based on your product.
  • Are there any precautions to take when selling cosmetic and skincare products in the United States?
    Products with direct body contact or ingestion must obtain FDA certification for safety. Local customs clearance agency confirmation is required. Our logistics services provide relevant customs clearance documents.
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