1, When do we find our returned item record on the portal after online shopping return?


In most cases, your return parcel is available in our portal within 24 business hours upon delivery of the returned parcel. Bulk return from Amazon might take longer time. 


2, What can Return Helper do with my returned parcels? 


There are 3 common ways to handle your returned parcels:
1.     Redistribution – resend to your next customers in the same country.
2.    Recall to HK/Singapore/Australia/UK/US – Consolidated and recall to you
3.    Disposal – dispose or recycle the returned parcels.
We also offer Value-Added-Service (VAS) upon request. Contact us today to understand more. 


3, The tracking number has shown “delivered” for more than 2 business days but I haven’t seen my returned parcel record yet. What shall I do? 

There is a chance the carrier delivers the returned parcel to a wrong address. Please contact us and we will work with the carrier on a parcel search.

​4, The tracking number has been stuck there for a few days. What shall I do? 

The shipping of the returned parcel might take longer than usual. If it exceeds 21 days, please contact our customer service team and we will raise a claim for you.

​​5, My returned parcel might be lost. Can I file a claim?


In an unlikely event, the parcel might be lost. The insurance is subject to the terms and condition of the carriers. If it is insured, we will file a claim for you.

6, I want to recall all of our parcels back to my home country. How long does it take?


You should receive it in approximately 2-3 weeks. We have bulk return shipment every week and you receive notification once the returned parcels arrive.


7, My buyer is returning a heavy item to me. What shall I do?


Return Helper handles returned parcels up to 30 KG. Anything heavier than 30 KG will be subject to additional charge and penalty. 

8,  Is there any insurance in the warehouse? 


Security is always our first priority but in case the returned item is lost,  we compensate up to 20 USD per item. Additional insurance can be added at 1.5%.